Seiko's high quality Coatings
Powerful resistance to scratching
The main concern of customers in terms of the performance of eyeglass lenses is resistance to scratching. Surfaces of the lens have been hardened and their resistance to scratching has been improved. SRC2 UVP-BR and SRC2 UVP have the greatest capability of scratch-resistance.
Reduce blue light
Reduce Blue light which has strong energy and tends to be scattered inside a crystalline lens by reflecting the amount of Blue Light to decrease glare and flickering, and improve the visibility and clearness of vision.
Powerful resistance to dust
The product is designed to control the generation of static electricity, which typically occurs when wiping a lens. This helps keep dust and pollen away, and makes it easier to wipe the lens, adding greater comfort to the lens’ usability. (*A lens was kept 1.5 millimeters away from dust with its concave facing downward. Rub the convex of lens with a lens cloth 20 rounds and shot the dust which stuck to the concave of lens.
Blocking UV rays reflected from the back
Reducing the reflection of UV light on reverse-surface In addition to conventional UV reduction, nearly 95% of the reverse-surface reflection of ultraviolet light is cut, enhancing the UV reduction effect.
Highly resistant to fogging (anti-fog feature)
The anti-fogging coating prevents lenses from fogging when exposed to a large temperature difference. Applying the dedicated maintenance cleaner helps to maintain a high degree of anti-fogging, even when the lens surface is wiped repeatedly.
Water repellent and dirt prevention
The water-repellent and oil-repellent features of the lens surface have been improved. This makes it easier to wipe off sebum, fingerprints, oil film, cosmetics, and other substances that may cause dirt to form on a lens. The eyeglasses are much easier to maintain.