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Every situation, every environment comes with its own, special conditions. The better you adapt to these conditions the more comfortable you are. As a useful addition to your normal pair of spectacles SEIKO INDOOR lenses are the perfect viewing solution for a lot of professional and private situations that require intensive visual activity at a specific distance.
Which SEIKO INDOOR Type are you?
To suit your personal activity profile you can choose from three different varieties, depending on the core area of the things you are mostly dealing with. SEIKO INDOOR PC is the perfect solution for ...
SEIKO INDOOR PC is the perfect solution for ...
When you work at a desk, your body mostly remains in a stationary position. Your eyes, however don’t. SEIKO INDOOR PC’s special design provides a very large and wide near and intermediate zone, ensuring comfortable eye movement between the screen of your PC, your keyboard and all the other things you keep on your desk.
SEIKO INDOOR 100 offers a very comfortable near and intermediate zone, with the focus on activities at a distance of about 1m. That makes it perfect for everyone working at close contact with customers.
The main focal point of your indoor activities lies at a distance of about 2m? Then SEIKO INDOOR 200 are your lenses of choice. While giving you sharp views of what is right in front of you they also let you see clearly and comfortably what is happening at an intermediate distance.