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Safe Journey, Relaxed Arrival.

"All cats are grey in the night" – and unfortunately almost everything else, too: The fact that darkness makes most things indistinguishable to our eyes causes stress and a feeling of insecurity for many motorists who drive during night-time. In addition to our visual acuity going down with decreasing brightness our pupils widen in the dark, which makes them much more prone to irritiation through light reflection and glare.

Our solution: SEIKO DRIVE.
Optimised glass design for your eyes
It doesn’t matter, whether you need single vision or progressive lenses: With SEIKO DRIVE you get a product that is perfectly suited to your needs as a motorist
for single vision lenses displays the far away distance with extra clarity and eliminates distortions around the edges.
for progressive lenses in addition optimises the intermedaite field of vision you need for a clear view of the dials in the driver’s cabin.
SEIKO Road Clear Coat, a special coating for glare-free vision
Technical progress means new challenges for our eyes: The improved visibility of modern xenon and LED headlights comes with an increased light density and luminance. To a lot of people these headlights therefore feel brighter and more blinding.

Our newly devolped special coating SEIKO RCC is the answer to this problem: It significantly reduced irritating glare and reflections from oncoming traffic, wet surfaces and other sources. To give you a clear view and get you to your destination as safely and relaxed as possible.