Seiko Spectacle Lenses

In one of the most modern spectacle lens production sites in Germany SEIKO Xception rehandles the best standard lenses and finish them individually. That´s the way how the SEIKO Xception team obtains the ideal spectacle lens. According to the motto „Never say never“.

When planning SEIKO Xception, SEIKO Optical focused on the most common customer requirements relating to

fashion eyewear

and lens technology. Any further requests will be gladly treated as challenges. Ask your

SEIKO Eyewear Specialist


Spectacle lenses off the shelf? Not with SEIKO!
We care way too much about your eyes. We want excellent visual experiences with every spectacle lens and make the highest demands on the material and its resistance. This is how we create the unique SEIKO spectacle lens quality that you won't want to miss.